You have to have the line ready in your hand ready before you start, and you have to have the sellotape around your wrist also ready for when you are going to attach the line to the wall [peels tape]. You peel off the amount of sellotape you expect you want. You stick the line to the wall with sellotape and you pull it taut all the way [pause] across the room.

It doesn't do to try and hold it taut all the time because you need [pause] to unravel the line, you need to do [inaudible] the things the line needs you to do to let it go long. [footsteps] Then it twists and it needs untwisting so now you twist it one hand and the other hand one hand and the other hand [pause] and you try to look [pause] at the line to see whether or not it's twisting itself up more [pause] or less and: it's getting straighter [pause]. It's remarkably difficult untwisting the line because you're twisting the line rolled up in your hand and [inaudible] the taut line taut taut and now holding it taut [pause] there [peels tape] you hold it in place and then stick, quite low down and you have to drop [pause] the remaining line [pause] onto the floor to use both hands to stick it in place.  You're not sure you want to cut it [pause] because you can only cut it once. [inaudible] There, there you've got the line. [footsteps]

It makes the room look bigger. There. You'll make it [inaudible - inaudible]. [peels tape] away from the wall and let the line [inaudible] and tape and once again let the line fall and untwist it and sellotape it against the wall a couple of times to give it [pause] strength. There. [peels tape] [footsteps] There. [footsteps]


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