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Yesterday I clicked the little down arrow beside the back button in Word and found a long scrollable list of all my typing, deletions and formatting, in reverse order, since the beginning of the document. I didn’t realize Word did this. What I want to do is try to write for this list, so that the final thing you read is the list rather than this document. I don’t really know how the list works—how it gathers information, what it remembers and what it forgets—and I will try to learn it with the following experiments.
One two
One two three four
One two three four five six
And then I’ll look at the list and see what’s there. I’m hoping for a pattern with those numbers.


So I should probably write backwards, with the last sentence at the top of the page.
Anyway it all appears in reverse order, with the first thing you wrote at the foot of the page.
Though I’m not sure whether it displays whole sentences, where there are no deletions, or just the first words of each one, or of each paragraph, or of each uncorrected train of writing. It remembers everything you write, and the autocorrects, and the deletions. When you click on the little down arrow next to the undo button at the top of a Word document, a long scrollable list appears.