Below is a list of residency events taking place at Spike Island through spring and summer 2016. Documents and records surrounding these events, and conversations with their contributors, are accumulating on the BLOG.


Introductory Artist Talk

Tuesday 19 January, 6pm
£5/£3 (free for Associates)

Artist and writer Tamarin Norwood introduces her year long residency at Spike Island. Presenting recent half-blind drawings, subtitled videos and sculptural constructions, she describes her research into the point of contact between pencil and page, and outlines plans to develop this research towards animation and 3D print technologies.


Tom Chivers: Dark Islands

Saturday 2 April 6pm
Free, book a place here

In a darkened room filled with words, ghosts, voices and the light of a single lamp, poet Tom Chivers reads from Dark Islands, adapting and re-setting his limited edition ‘black book’ as an intimate, unsettling performance. He will also preview new work from Relic, a sequence of short lyrics about faith, confinement and the body.


Writing Movement / Reading Movement

Sunday 10 April 2pm
Free, book a place here

Dancer and performance artist Martina Conti, writer-artist Emma Cocker and writer and singer Phil Owen will join me in conversation: each building upon insights from our own interdisciplinary methods, we will explore the liveness and 'timeliness' of action and notation across drawing, writing and choreography.



Sunday 1 May 2pm
Free, book a place here

What do sign languages have in common with drawing, writing and the space of the page? I'll be joined by British Sign Language interpreter, writer and artist Dr. Kyra Pollitt to consider how the use of space, time and movement in BSL and BSL poetry relates to the processes and products of drawing.


The Ear and the Page

Saturday 21 May 2pm
Free, book a place here

Composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh will join me to present our recent collaboration; an examination of the intersections between drawing, writing, listening and making noise, supported by Hubbub at Wellcome Collection. Hear about the connections they have made between the surface of the page and the surface of the ear.


Beginning to Speak

Tuesday 7 June 6pm
Free, book a place here

Writer Daniela Cascella joins me in the residency studio to compare notes on drawing, writing and speech. We will present their ongoing experimentation and research into the point of contact with the page and the moment of beginning to speak, asking: how does an articulation begin, what is there beforehand, and what remains when it's over?


The 3D Additivist Manifesto

Sunday 10 July 2pm
£5/£3/£0, book a place here
Associates Space

Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke present The 3D Additivist Manifesto and forthcoming Cookbook, a call to push 3D printing and additive technologies to their absolute limits and beyond; into the realm of the speculative, the provocative and the weird.